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Manage bids across extended ad networks


One-Stop PPC Management

PPC advertising doesn’t stop with search network ads. Content network ads are also an important source of clicks and conversions, and like search network ads, need to be managed effectively for maximum returns. ClickSweeper offers versatile, fully automated bidding for your content network ads.

Since content network campaigns can be either site-targeted or automatically placed, ClickSweeper's feature allows you to track ad performance by individual site or over the entire content network. This level of detailed reporting means that advertisers can quickly review and update all their pay per click campaigns without navigating between screens and generating separate reports. Here's what one-stop ad management enables you to do on ClickSweeper:

  • Review the performance of Google content network, placement-targeted, and search network ads.
  • Update bids in real-time for search network and content network.
  • Automate bidding by conversion, ROI, or rank for search network & content network.
  • Edit existing ad copy or write new copy.
  • Add, pause, or delete keywords.
  • Pause or restore individual AdGroups or campaigns.