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Rank based bidding


Positions, Visibility, Flexible Options

Rank-based bidding lets you control the level of visibility across all keywords in a campaign or select different visibility goal per keyword or Ad Group. You can make bidding adjustments to achieve branding goals, to emphasize short-term promotions, or to keep keyword ads in play all year round.

By assigning values for "target ranking" and "maximum bid price" for keywords, you pre-determine when you want to maintain ranking vs. when you want to drop out of a bid war.

  • Objective - Increase visibility, clicks and establish brand.
  • How It Works - ClickSweeper automatically and daily rebids to achieve a target position after a keyword search. The ‘Max Bid’ setting can be implemented to cap the bidding at an appropriate point, eliminating unwanted high-priced bids. 
  • Recommended Users - Brands, high competition industries, PPC experts


ClickSweeper extends the feature with rules to pursue different target rank based on keyword performance such as quality score, CTR, conversion count and cost per conversion. It offers target ranks such as 1.5 and 2.5 on top of rank 1 through 10 to safeguard ad spending with less aggressive rank goal.




Success Story

Tour Business

The client is the world’s largest seller of escorted tour.

PPC challenge: The client wants to manage rank goal per keyword while containing click cost with max bid.

Bidding Strategy: Rank driven bidding with rank goal and max bid at keyword level

Results: SEM marketer tracked and updated bid price by keyword manually to manage keyword ad position before using ClickSweeper. With ClickSweeper, the marketer was able to configure rank goals by keywords along with keyword max bid. After initial setup, he was able to validate whether keyword meets target rank and keyword max bid while reviewing keyword performance from one screen.