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Rank based bidding


Positions, Visibility, Flexible Options

Rank-based bidding lets you control the level of visibility across all keywords in a campaign or select different levels per keyword or AdGroup. You can make bidding adjustments to achieve branding goals, to emphasize short-term promotions or to impose bid ceilings on selected keywords.

By assigning values for "target ranking" and "maximum bid price" for keywords, you pre-determine when you want to maintain ranking vs. when you want to drop out of a bid war.

  • Objective - Increase visibility, clicks and establish brand.
  • How It Works - ClickSweeper automatically and daily rebids to achieve a target position after a keyword search. The ‘Max Bid’ setting can be implemented to cap the bidding at an appropriate point, eliminating unwanted high-priced bids.
  • When to Use - This bidding strategy is a favorite for our corporate customers who need to maintain high rankings after keyword searches. It is also a favorite for all customers when used to fine tune other bidding strategies at the keyword level.
  • Recommended Users - Brands, high competition industries, PPC experts

ClickSweeper makes the rank-based bidding option available at the keyword level within any overall bidding option. For example, you can assign a specific rank or keyword bid price to selected keywords while the other keywords in a campaign are assigned to budget-based or ROI-based bidding.


With the conversion performance factor enabled, target rank per keyword will be adjusted based on the keyword's conversion performance - targeting higher ranks for high performing keywords and targeting lower ranks for poor performing keywords.