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ClickSweeper offers a full range of PPC management solutions to fit the varying requirements of both agencies and in-house online marketing managers. Our solutions range from several software service packages, designed for those who have in-house PPC expertise and need an automated solution, to our full service Managed Service Solutions package. All software service packages include product training and initial ClickSweeper account setup.

Software Service Solutions Package - This package is designed for the in-house PPC marketer who is responsible for managing and optimizing search marketing campaigns. The ClickSweeper Software Solutions Package features Budget based bidding, web analytics bidding, Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and rank bidding options to help improve search ad performance including:

  • Keyword performance tracking using web analytics data, and CPA
  • Bid price optimization using CPA, website analytics data and rank
  • Keyword matching type optimization
  • Custom ad copy evaluation

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Agency Solutions Package - ClickSweeper's Agency Solutions Package is designed for marketing agencies managing multiple client accounts. This package includes a number of features to help manage multiple accounts with varying objectives and includes functions for streamlining account management and reporting. This package also features our campaign copy function for those managing similar campaigns between accounts. > Read more

Managed Service Solutions Package - The Managed Service Solutions package is designed for those who lack in-house expertise or those who is too busy to manage the account. This package provides access to our team of search marketing professionals who act as your ClickSweeper administrator and SEM consultant. The solution provides the following features:

  • Strategic consultation
  • Account/Campaign creation 
  • Conversion tracking and Analytics tracking
  • Campaign optimization with keywords, ads and bidding optimization & negative keyword addition
  • Reporting

At only a fraction of the cost of a fully managed service, you can be assured that your search marketing strategy is at its optimum. > Read more


Solution Comparisons

Features/Services Software Service Agency Managed Service
Feature: Display of Google, MSN & Yahoo Campaigns
Feature: Campaign Bidding Options: CPA & ROI, Analytics, Position, Budget, Conversion
Feature: Campaign Creation/ Edit/Copy
Feature: Trend & Performance Alerts
Feature: Trend, Summary Report, Scheduled
Feature: 3 Report Types (pdf, html, csv)
Feature: Keyword Matching Type Optimization
Feature: Private Labeled Report    
Feature: Central Management for All Clients    
Feature: Copy Campaign between Accounts    
Service: Strategic consultation (targeting, budgeting, tracking)    
Service: Account/Campaign creation & restructuring    
Service: Campaign optimization (keyword, ad, bidding, negative keyword)    
Service: Reporting    
Base Pricing (Up to 1000 keywords) per Client Account

$75 or
1% ad spending

Price Lookup

40% discount from Software Service

Price Lookup

$400 or

10% ad spending