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SEM Integration

Integrate lead management system with pay per click management system and apply lead quality to keyword bidding.

Premium SEM for SAAS or Cloud Business


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Lately, most popular online business model is Cloud or SAAS based. For online service businesses, free trial offer is a common marketing approach. Since trial accounts convert to paying customers no higher than 30%, knowing which trial signup becomes a paying customer is as important as knowing which click becomes a signup user. 

How it works

To improve sales conversion of SAAS’s search engine marketing, marketers must determine which lead attributes are resulting in highest sales conversion.   Once lead performance is segmented by attributes such as campaign, ad group and keyword in lead management system, then these data are passed to search marketing campaign through integration of two software solutions, lead management software, ConversionSweeper and PPC management software, ClickSweeper.   Then, ClickSweeper optimizes keyword bidding based on lead quality data and cost per lead quality.

PPC Bid Management with Lead Status

Keyword’s ROAS performance:
Keyword A = Value of Sales Win / Ad spent on keyword A
Keyword B = Value of Qualified Lead / Ad spent on keyword B
Keyword C = Value of Disqualified Lead / Ad spent on keyword C

Bid update – Keyword C is not rewarded while Keyword A is rewarded most.

What is ConversionSweeper?

ConversionSweeper is lightweight lead management or lead shadowing software for online SAAS or service subscription companies. It captures lead’s contact info and tracks status and marketing source by ad channel, campaign and even search term. While it is designed as lead management system, it can also work with current lead management system as complimentary lead manager and lead source tracker.

How to manage

Once SAAS campaign is turned on to import lead quality data from ConversionSweeper, new columns such as lead quality score, cost per score and sales count columns are added in Keywords tab page. Since they are listed side by side with conversion count which is signup count, you can see how well a keyword performs by sales conversion vs. signup conversion.

Then, you can turn on rank based bidding and manually select target rank based on lead quality score or cost per lead score or sales count. You can also define rank rule based bidding by lead quality score and cost per lead quality. You can also manage ROI Based keyword bidding by using cost per lead quality score.